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Post  SugaredKittie on Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:31 pm

Knight's character sheets

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Post  knight_ac195 on Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:58 pm

Name: Unknown

Alias: Curse or Mud

Age: Unknown, speculated at mid twenty’s

Race: Mavana

Status: Inactive - Prithvizemli

Bio: Rumored to have been born in a small village to a normal family. Only when he was in his late teens was it discovered he had a slight ability to harness magic. A tragic accident, caused by him in the village, prompted him to run away. He sought out the Uzivatel and was rejected due to his limited power and potential. Scorned by the Uzivatel, he changed his name and appearance and attempted to join the Pavitra Adesa and only escaped with his life when it was discovered he possessed magical talent. At this point it is told that he changed his identity once again and enlisted with the Prithvizemli Police Defense Force or PPDF rising quickly through the ranks to join the Tactical Reconnaissance Urban Combat Elite team also knows as TRUCE teams. He disappeared during a standard mission in the downtown district. He was quickly branded missing in action but was never located. From this point the story gets distorted, as no one knows what became of him during this time. Several years later the man everyone knows as Curse appeared on the scene, a feared and respected mercenary/bounty hunter unrivaled in skill and ruthlessness. Watched closely by the PPDF and hired frequently by both the Pavitra Adesa and PPDF; he lives a comfortable life in the city. He can usually be found in one of his favorite haunts drinking, smoking and indulging in lecherous activities; or oddly enough as story goes, staring at a bag of jelly beans that he keeps on him at all times.

Personality Traits: Slightly arrogant in a humorous fashion. Good-hearted yet devoted to his work.

Abilities: Limited magic use; expert in martial arts, marksmanship, stealth and tracking.

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