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Post  SugaredKittie on Mon Jun 13, 2011 4:42 pm

Nubuco's Characters are located here

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Nubuco's Character Sheets Empty Duke

Post  Nubuco on Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:51 pm

Duke T. Enodot

67 +/- 2 years

Normal Manava (No magic Non-Church)

Inactive - Prithvizemli


Nubuco's Character Sheets Old_Man_by_Kenyoungmusic
Raised in a smaller village Na-Beck Duke's Great Grandfather was a Magic user at the end of the last War. The trait was not passed down in the family line but the theory behind magic manipulation and a respect for the "ways of the flow" was. Na-trail the back water village that Duke is from has a small population and is distrustful of outsiders especially the Church as the old family lines still remember when they were purged of their hrisiniks.

Nubuco's Character Sheets Black_mountain_sunset_by_mohain-d3i6u9l
Duke is one of the last remaining members of his line that still know exactly what sins his people were purged of. While not exactly an elder of the village he is respected if not completely understood by his people. He lives in a cave that is abreast the hills of the village planes.

Nubuco's Character Sheets Remembering_her_by_wildweasel339-d3ic6cd
After the death of his wife many years ago and without any children to pass his knowledge onto he has drifted away from the villages life of breeding horses in pursuit of a deeper understanding of "the flow". Distrustful of religion he has stayed below the radar of the church collecting any and all knowledge of magic sometimes traveling for years before returning home.

Nubuco's Character Sheets Old_Man__s_Cave_by_timseydell
Returning from his last trip 10 years ago Duke is now extremely reluctant to leave his cave and its surrounding forest for more then a few days.

Personality Traits:

Quite and reserved Duke does not readily acknowledge others existence unless it pertains to his current train of thought.


No magic abilities. Duke does not even have a sense of magic but he can understand the theories and reveals in testing Ideas he has on how to manipulate magic.


Nubuco's Character Sheets Ur_a_wizard_harry_by_v_inks-d30kwtc

Weathered skin holds well on this old man as his well kept, if wild, hair tends to comment on his ability to focus. Normally he walks silently when around his villagers so as not to disturb them. Watching his words carefully he talks slowly and with control too articulate his ideas exactly even if the answers don't exactly make sense at the time.


Duke has a secret. No you don't know it...... yes you .... you don't know and I aint tellin' you

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